Welcome to my Website. My name is Romeo and I am a photographer. I am fascinated by natural Imagery. It all started when my dad bought me a disposable camera when I was a kid. It amazed me that I could capture a moment in time and relive that moment through a photograph.

After going through college and university studying photography, I now do occasional work as an amateur photographer. I regularly go to amatuer photography meetups as I find them to be great opportunities to make some connections and talk to like minded people. The last meetup was held in my local Starbucks and around 25 people showed up. What I found most interesting was the fact that these people were from all walks of life. There was a teacher, a banker, secretary and even a part time comedian and magician.

I also got an amazing tip from one of the guys which should able me to make some pocket money on the side from my photography work. Supposedly, you can get free advertising in local churches and then people contact you to get some photos done.

While we were there, one of the guys also told me about a new venture that his buddy was trying to take off the ground. Supposedly it is a website that tells you the opening times of all the major stores across the UK. I think it is a neat idea. You can see the current List of UK shops they have in their database.

I am a big fan of the public domain and all the pictures you see above are courtesy of SXC which is a great resource for finding photos that you can use in your personal and commercial work. If you want to get in touch with me, just shot an email to romeo at naturaphot dot org. You can see some photos here